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NISA members participate in the Higher Education and Development in Iraq conference organised by the Iraqi Embassy in London, 14-15 September 2018

مشاركة شبكة العلماء العراقيين في الخارج (نيسا) في مؤتمر التعليم العالي والتنمية الذي اقامته السفارة العراقية في لندن بالتعاون مع الملحقية الثقافية ووزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي والمنعقد في لندن في الفترة بين 14 الى 15 ايلول والذي ساهمت الشبكة في بلورة محاوره. شارك عدد من اعضاء نيسا سواء بالحضور او بالقاء المحاضرات التي تميزت بالتركيز على مظاهر الثورة الشاملة في نظم التعليم التي يشهدها عصرنا الحالي وعلى العوامل التي تدفع بنظامنا التربوي والاكاديمي نحو الافضل. نرفق صورا متنوعة لزملائنا العلماء المشاركين في المؤتمر وبعض الحضور.

Chairman of NISA presents awards for outstanding Iraqi Research at the Science Day Festival (6 September 2018)

في احتفالية يوم العلم التي اقيمت على قاعة جامعة بغداد يوم 6 ايلول 2018 تم توزيع جوائز شبكة العلماء العراقيين في الخارج (نيسا) لافضل بحث علمي صدر في عام 2017. الجائزة في عامها الثالث وتمنح لاحسن البحوث المتقدمة لنيل ستة جوائز في العلوم الطبية والهندسية والزراعية والصرفة والانسانية والتعاون العالمي. الجوائز عبارة عن شهادة تقديرية ومكافأة 1000 دولار لكل بحث فائز.
تهانينا للفائزين ونأمل قريبا اصدار الاعلان عن موعد التقديم لجوائز عام 2018.


Professor Sabah A. Mushatat Bio

I moved to academia graduating firstly with a Diploma in Architecture before completing his PhD. I has taught architecture for 30 years, overseas and now in the UK as Professor of Architecture at The University of Wolverhampton and Heriot – Watt University, through them I conducted the post of the Head and Director of Schools of Architecture and Design 
Concentrating mainly on the fields of architecture, environmental and sustainable design, construction and architectural education, I have 8 books published, as well 2 textbooks, and about 80 research papers in refereed journals and conferences. 
I have managed several research contracts, and have generated income through the award of research grants and contracts with value £3.3M. I initiated and managed a range of innovative courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These awards are fully accredited by national, regional and international bodies and authorities. 

I have several national and international scientific bodies, such as the United Nations Environment Program UNEP, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO.
He has worked as a consultant for the governments of Holland, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq I served as a member of seven Editorial Boards of International Journals.
Professor Mushatat is the organiser of the prestigious Ajman International Urban Planning Conference (AIUPC), which is held every year in UAE, also the prestigious Qatar Urbanism Forum in MIPIM (The World’s Leading Real Estate Exhibition and conference), that been held in Palais de Fastivals –Cannes, France.
My published outputs are books (10), Textbooks (2), about more than 100 refereed journal articles and conference papers , Research Reports (12), and National and International presentations (8). Most of my research and publications are on Architecture, Environmental and Sustainable Design, and Construction, management aspects.I have supervised numerous postgraduate dissertations and Doctoral thesis in my field of expertise. I have strong track record of PhD supervision with 18 PhD completions. In addition, I have been invited to examine 6 Masters and 22 PhD dissertations in the UK, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Professor Mohamed Al-Rubeai presents a keynote talk to the 2nd International Conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Baghdad

Professor Al-Rubeai presented a keynote plenary talk entitled “Optimisation Strategies for Large scale production of therapeutic products from mammalian cells” at the 2nd International Conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Baghdad, 15-16 October, 2014. Production of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals has an exciting prospect for Iraq but it will need great infrastructure and availability of high skilled personnel along with a strong scientific community. Professor Al-Rubeai’s research is on optimisation of large scale processes for the production of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian cells.